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Firewall is a security system for managing and monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic based on predetermined security rules. A firewall serves to prevent unwanted access from or into a network or server.


  1. Prevent bruteforce login (method of hacking passwords by randomly trying passwords) such as cPanel and email logins, by blocking IPs that attempt to do bruteforce logins.
  2. Block IPs that do port scan.
  3. Block IP when there are hacking attempts such as SQL Injection using the Security Module (ModSec) on php.

Firewall type

This type of firewall is divided into 2 types, namely:
  1. Personal Firewall is made to protect computers connected to the network from access that is suspicious or unwanted. Features of the personal firewall are packet filter firewalls and stateful firewalls. Personal firewalls now have various security features such as protection against viruses, anti-spyware, anti-spam etc. Examples of products such as Microsoft Windows Firewall, Symantec Norton Personal, Kerio Personal Firewall and others.
  2. Network Firewall is made to protect the network as a whole from various threats and attacks that come. The features of network firewalls include features that personal firewalls (packet filter firewalls and stateful firewalls), circuit level gateways, application level gateways, and NAT firewalls. This network firewall uses routing technology to determine whether this data is permitted or rejected.

How Firewall Works

Simply put, the firewall serves as a "barrier" between computers and the internet, can be said to be a protector. Firewall works not only as a protector, but also able to analyze the network that will enter your computer and take actions that must be taken when the network has entered. For example a firewall will block several networks that try to log out and suspect logs of suspected network activity.

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