What’s Cloud Computing? The History about Cloud and all you need to know about Cloud Computing

What’s Cloud Computing? The History about Cloud and all you need to know about Cloud Computing

Contributor : Rizqi Maulana

In this era of technology, whatever we’re working on will always be made easy by the development and improvement of technology. The role of cloud computing contributing a significant impact on simplifying a numerous amount of activity that we had either it’s for a company works or individual needs. But, Before we go deeper discussing Cloud computing, Do you even know what Cloud Computing is? Are they even related to the Cloud we had on earth? Exactly, the answer is NO.

The History of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing starts from the development that gradually occurs to the same concept of Cloud System that’s to merge several sources of data in the different places of hardware used by users all over the world via a massive and global network. On the early 60’s, a system that had a similar concept with cloud computing has been created but it’s not as perfect as the Cloud computing we used nowadays. The form of the system itself also varies with a different name also, such as virtualization, Grid computing, Application Service Provision (ASP), And Software as a Service (SaaS) up until on the 70’s the concept of time-sharing started being introduced and popularized Through Remote Job Entry (RJE). The terms on these sharing system often being associated with big vendors such as International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

John McCarthy, an expert on computing and artificial intelligent from MIT said that “One-day computing will become a public infrastructure like electricity and telephone.” This is what started the idea and began to developed up until now. Along with the advancement of technology, the event that take place on the early 90’s that is happen a big change on bandwidth afterwards triggering the beginning of creating a concept of web 2.0. at first, Cloud computing are being made through this concept, where every users could interact with each other.

On the end of 90’s, there has been occur a lot of development before cloud computing system is being made. Larry Ellison, The founder of ORACLE, created a network computing program that saying a pc is not necessarily immersed with a software rather it could be replaced by a main terminal in the form of server. The concept from this network computing then being developed by Marc Benioff, as a former president of ORACLE on the year 2000. He then began to developed an application on the form of SaaS by the name Salesforce.com, this remarks as the beginning of cloud computing system to be developed. On 2006, Cloud Computing being popularized again by amazon.com that launch their product that is Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). This event making amazon as an important role on every development of cloud computing system.

Cloud Computing in general

Cloud Computing System is a data storage services that no longer will stores the data on its local hardware. This are being made through an integration of technology and internet. Cloud Computing has been applied to many companies because the advantage on efficiency and lessen cost expenses. With cloud computing, users don't need to make large upfront investment in hardware and spend a lot of time on the heavy lifting of managing the hardware. Many big company has provided cloud services such as Microsoft with Microsoft cloud, and Google with it google drive. Essentially, Cloud computing is depending more on internet for it storage services.

Types of Cloud Computing

The type of services provide by cloud computing is also different depends on the users need. There are three types of cloud computing, that are :

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is the services that can be used directly by the user. The services provider will maintain the infrastructure and platform that runs the application. Example from this type of cloud are Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS is the computing system services provider that usually are already included on operation system, database, web server, and on an application framework to be able to run a specified application that has been created. The services provider will be responsible for the maintenance of its system. Example from this type of cloud is Amazon Web Service.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is a online services providing a IT infrastructure such as CPU, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth, and other type of configuration. Example of this services provider are iCloud, Amazon (EC2), and BiznetCloud.

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