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The automating business processes in an information system can be use to be information technology ,where the company will save data of daily transactions in considerable quantities.In big data era ,the company manages the transactions data in very large quantities and can not apply tradisional decision making and business intelligence come to solve the problem in analyzing the huge amount of data to generate useful information which will help in the decision making processes.


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What is business inteligence (BI)

Business intelligence is a group of tekhnik that use to transform from bare data to be information that use to analysis business user to make a decision ,BI focus to analys something that going happened. We can also assume that BI is proceses to analysis information from the business data.

Who use BI

Bi can be use to support several big decision in business like strategy operation until strategy decision in business involve product potition and price of product can be used to support a large number of business decisions ranging from operations to strategic decisions including product placement and pricing

When bi can be use to be support system in business

In the practice bi can be use as analysis ,counting scorecard,and also give recomendation to user forward to the sugeestion decision that should be take,withe dasboard function ,user can known the potensial about the error in the firm and also the causes before that problem will be big problem . bi can be alarm , give update information and do the benchmark

And we can use an analogy :

just like the dashboard of the vehicle. BI provides metrics (measures) that determine vehicle performance (organization). BI also provides information on internal conditions, as well as the temperature on the vehicle. And BI also gives signals to the driver in case of an error on the vehicle, such as when the gasoline will run out on the vehicle. Everything is useful for the driver to be able to control his vehicle better and able to make the right decisions faster.


The concept of business intelligence emphasizes the five uses of information used for business crises . 5 Utilization is among others as follows:

  1. Data sourcing : In this case Business intelligence has the ability to be able to access various sources of data and information residing on a number of different sources where each source has different data storage formats.

  2. Data analysis : In this case intelligence has the ability to be able to analyze data obtained from corporate activities and information from the company so that it can be used as a knowledge that can be used company to improve company performance.

  3. Situation awareness : In this case Business Intelligence has the ability to provide a system that can be used to locate and provide data and information needed by the company when the company faces an emergency or urgency.

  4. Risk analysis: In this case Business Intelligence has the ability to be able to provide risk calculations that will be faced by the company against the various possibilities that occur as a result of certain choices taken by the company.

  5. Decision support : In this case Business Intelligence has the ability to provide considerations that can be used to assist companies in making decisions that can produce quality decisions taken based on various calculations and processing of data or information both internal and external owned by the company.

Why we should consider business intelligence to our business

Business intelligence (BI) closely related to the profit how BI studied to generate profit for business usser and can provide information for the huge issues in business in the term strategic level.

There are several benefits of BI



Nowdays the data analysis is key of sucessful factor to measure the sucess of a firm when the anaysis will be use to make a decision. Tradisional decision making that use intuisi cannot use anymore because the complicate of business environtment .business intelligenvce is one of requipment to be solution for that problem.bi can be use to help understanding information with transform the data to be information dan process it to be a knowledge that can use to help a firm making a decision .

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