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Blogs come on very familiar to us, but many people are not maximized in the use of blogs. Many people just use blogs to write opinions, or sharing information about a hobby of the owner of the blog, but a lot of people who do not know the other benefits of the blog. Therefore in this article I explain blogs can be used as a medium for business or as a source of our income.

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Safira Ulfa

What is a blog?

The term blog is come on very familiar to you who frequently surf the internet as well as for your students to look for an information present, but not many people understand what a blog. Blog is one of the pages which are useful as a medium for online writing that is widely used by people. Blog is a combination of two words "web" and "log" (weblog) which can be interpreted as a diary. Diary it mean an article that is created and stored online.

Blog posts also varied, ranging from to express opinions, post papers, analysis and other types of digital data to the virtual world widely and continuously. Coverage of content is not limited, can be text, pictures, video and graphic formats that complicated though.

Blogs can be said as a website or a site but in a smaller version and can be accessed for free and can be used by anyone, anywhere.


Open diary is one of the sites that started the modern era of the emergence of the blog in 1998, and the platform is then people began to recognize the term commentary blog where readers can leave their opinions in writing the blog owner. Open Diary is also touted as the first generation of social networking websites because the concept of community carried. Then the term web blog was first coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. Later shortened to blog by Peter Merholz which began intense adopt those terms on his personal website,Peterme.com in 1999. In 1999 came the new blogging service called Blogger.com established by Pyra Labs. In the same year was also born and Pitas.com LiveJournal blog service. However Blogger.com service is what many roles for the development of the blog world so many people named "Blogger" used as a nickname for people who wrestle or have a blog. In 2003, the blogger has been playing owned by Google, and it furthers the blogging world with the many features that were previously premium or paid after the official owned by google these features become free and make it easier for blog users.

The famous blogger in the world


  • Pete Cashmore
    Pete Cashmore is an American citizen, pete Cashmore started writing a blog at the age of 19 years. In his blog pete discuss matters relating to the news on social media and the technology. Because the writing on the blog pete earning between $ 560.000- $ 600,000 therefore pete crowned as blogger youngest and richest in the world

  • Michael Arrington
    Michael Arington, is an American citizen born in 1970. Michael Arington wrote on one of the blogs that affect the development of the industry software and hardwere, on the blog of Michael Arington focuses in writing about technology. Thanks to his Michael Arington monthly earning between $ 500.000- $ 800.00. therefore Michael Arington in crowned as the richest blog author.

  • Perez Hilton
    On his blog, Perez Hilton wrote about the artist Hollywood artist, thanks to his blog Perez Hilton to pocket money as much as USD 400,000

  • Vitality Friedman
    Vitality Friedman wrote in a web design blog Smashing Magazine. Friedman earnings to write in blog Smashing Magazine is USD 190,000.

  • Timothy Sykes
    Addition to a blog writer (blogger) Timothy Sykes is also a businessman and stock players. Timothy Sykes in his blog wrote about anything relating to the business and saham.tulisan Timothy sykes were so many devotees to thousands no wonder Thanks to his blog Timothy Sykes can pocket the profit of USD 180,000 per month.

  • Yosef Ardi
    Yosef Ardi is a blog writer (blogger) who came from Indonesia. At first Yosef Ardi is a reporter in a business daily Indonesia. Science is ditimbanya at the time in the classroom blogging when studying in California he used to develop his blog become political and business theme. He did not want visitors only from Indonesia, so write in English, and eventually even 90% of blog readers come from abroad. Gradually the blog belongs to Yosef Ardi turn into a paid blog, at a cost of USD 1 per day and for the subscription of USD 30 per month. His blog has now expanded to 23 countries tertama in the center of the world's financial centers, such as New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, and many more.
  • How to make money just by writing a blog


    Creating a blog is not just to write opinions, information, or simply as a medium to share about our hobby. However, the results of our posts on the blog can be used as a quarry income, then how can we change the results of our writing in a blog into a money producer?

    We can make money from a blog with the help of a third party that is google adsense or by following the CPM-based advertising program, CPC and CPM.

    Google AdSense is an advertising program based on cost-per-clic that allows the owner of the site (blog owner) put html code in the blog section. After installation of the html code, these ads will automatically appear on the blog. Usually the ad content that appears to be closely related to the category or content of our blog content. For example, the blog author wrote on his blog content about traveling hobby then the ads that will appear in our blog will be associated with traveling.

    While the CPC or cost per click is a system that is used mainly by advertising media to give the size of the commission to the owner of a blog or website by using the calculation of cost per click or pay per click, so that the commissions earned by the owner of the blog or site based on the number of clicks that occurred on ads that are installed on your site or blog. But before being fired ads that visitors to your blog or site, then the advertiser is reluctant to pay anything to the blog or website owner tersut. No wonder if the cost per clic system is so favored by advertisers, especially those advertisers who have a small capital.

    Next is the CPM or cost per thousand impressions is a term in an online advertising media relating to the traffic of your site or blog. In the system the cost per thousand impressions blog or site owners will be paid by the advertiser when advertising on the site or the blog managed to display 1000. Cost per thousand impressions is an online advertising strategy that is similar to the concept of other media such as television, radio and print media sell advertising based on the number of viewers, listeners or readers.

    By implementing some of these strategies our blog not only as a medium for writing opinions and so on, but the bias to lading revenue for us.

    Why blogging is good for your business

    • Source of reliable
      Naturally, blogging can give confidence to the reader related content that is contained in a blog or website for information provided directly by the business or the author of the blog. Tersebutlah factor because blogs can provide a great opportunity to spread our brand and show personality or profile of your company. That is what makes a blog can be an effective branding medium.

    • Increase traffic your site or blog
      tocan create a website or blog into a valuable marketing tool, of course, you need a lot of visitors to the amount of traffic your blog or website and increase. By using the device of your blog every mem publish a post, a blog or website will have an additional page. The more content that is owned blog or site, the higher the chance for your blog or site to appear in search engines. This makes an increase in traffic. With the increase of traffic on your blog or website will give you a higher chance of our business or our brand increasingly well known.

    • Expanding on social media networks
      addition to increasing the chance for your blog or site appears on a search engine online, blogging for business is able to help you to expand on the social media network. You do this by adding features eraser share the posts blog or site and, so that people who have visited your blog or site can deploy social media posts. With so brand or your business will be more known.


    Blog not only can be used as a medium to write opinions or share about our hobby, but increasingly creative writing blogs and content or site and register our blog to use a third party such as Google AdSense and program cost per click or cost per thousand impressions or program other blogs or sites we can be the source of our income.

    But it can not be achieved instantly, we still have to try to write content-Konte interesting in your blog or site, and we are consistent or regular in posting content in our blog so that more and more appear in the search engine on the internet it will provide more opportunities for our blog can be a source of income.

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