The Usability of Online Transaction Process in the Business

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Both private and governmental organizations have used data to facilitate their activities, in which the data collected must be accurate and real. Therefore, the need for sophisticated tools to facilitate in analyzing the data is increasingly needed. This is because the development of the company depends on how fast and sophisticated the information system they have in analyzing the data collected.

Information systems that continue to grow to make large and small scale companies are required to compete in order to get the effectiveness and efficiency in developing information systems to support an organization to be able to compete. One such system is the Online Transaction Process.


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What is the meaning of Online Transaction Process?

Online Transaction Processing is one of the evolving information systems, which processes every transaction directly every day using an online connected computer. It is necessary for decision makers who assist managers in obtaining real-time accurate information data.

Examples of the implementation of Online Transaction Process is like an application used in supermarkets or minimarkets in sales, if there is a sale transaction, the cashier can directly enter data into applications connected in the network. Another example is in the banking system, when pulling some money through ATM. Then the account number, ATM PIN Number, the amount of money to be withdrawn and the amount of Balance in the account is an element of operational data used in the operation of transactions that can be done by the owner of the ATM.

Online Transaction Processing is interconnected with Online Analytical Processing. A collection of OLTP data will form OLAP data, which is where the data will be analyzed so that it is useful for future decision making. OLAP itself is usually used by managers.


Advantages of Online Transaction Processing

  1. Make it easier for people to shop online

  2. Has a quick response when in use

  3. Simplify the job by simply filling the fork and processed automatically by the serve and database

  4. Make it easy for banks to make money transactions using the online processing system

  5. The use of credit cards is also handled by this system

Disadvantages of Online Transaction Processing

  1. If there is a failure in the online processing system, it will be a problem for website visitors and online transactions terminated

  2. Buyers and sellers are charged processing fees on this online transaction system

  3. If the server is hacked, it causes financial and personal (theft) issues which the database holds all user data and account information.

  4. To maintain inventory, this online transaction process involves many staff working in groups

  5. Sometimes, there can be millions of requests where millions of requests are at times difficult to handle

Transaction Processing Cycle

  1. Data Collection, where the process of obtaining transaction data related.

  2. Data Editing, check the truth of input data.

  3. Correction data, run if found error in entering data.

  4. Maninpulation data, processing transaction data

  5. Data Storage, change the database to reflect on transactions

The characteristics of OLTP applications:

  1. Transactions that involve small amounts of data

  2. Indexed access to data

  3. Many users

  4. One of the first business processes to be computerized

  5. Frequent queries and updates

  6. Fast response times

How it works from Transaction Processing System?


Where the image above is a barcode reader which read barcode id that there is food product, then it happened business transaction that make TPS work by sending transaction data become report, then transaction data is saved to database to convert become one of report for consideration step and what guides are needed by each field and there are many systems that require data warehouses to make decision-making considerations.

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