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Nowadays internet have become the important thing, some people are like addicted with internet and they feel strange if they are not using this just for one day. People spends about 11 hours online every day and most of them using internet for social media. In general, social media can be interpreted as a site that provides a platform for its users to interact with each other online. With social media, we can interact with other users or even establish business relationships with various kind of people. Nowadays social media has so many types, from facebook, whatsapp to internet banking. And we can do everything online, so that’s why password is important to secure our accounts.

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What is password?

Password is a passcode that must be entered into a system. The system can be in a form of a computer system that used windows operation system or in the form of characters writing, sound, or special features that must be remembered. Password is a secret code, a password is a key to access or open a locked system. Or in the other words, password can be called by key.

Passwords are confidential, if anyone else knows the password, it may arise the unauthorized person that will delete or steal the files. So, it is advisable that within a certain time, password should be replaced and that confidentiality is guaranteed, it is recommended that the following are not used:
  • Name or nickname
  • Names of parents, boyfriends, relatives or close people
  • Something that is predictable, like the name of the city, the type of music favored by the person who has the password

A good password is a password that is hard to guess by others and easy to remember by you and the suggested things:
  • Using a combination of uppercase and lowercase
  • Contains numbers and punctuation characters (such as?,! Etc)
  • The length is at least 6 characters longer is better
  • Easy to type

Who is the founder of password?

Fifty years ago, Fernando Corbato changed the world. Fernando Corbato is a professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Fernando Corbato was born in Oakland, California on July 1, 1926. He was a computer researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He developed the first computer password system, changing not only our understanding of how we use technology, but also forcing us to think about privacy when using it.

But now, in the Internet age, Carbato believe that passwords have become a real nightmare. The Wall Street Journal newspaper has spoken with Corbato and knows some more details about how and why the first computer password exists, and why the creators of this system believe that passwords now create a problem not only for criminals, but also to the owner of the password.

The concept of "password" appears very long. Working at MIT in the 60s of last century, the had to use one mainframe and share common disk files. At that time people did not know about sharinga. The word system is an attempt to create a sort of separation zone for jobs that people do not feel in a communal apartment. And, besides, they just want to create a system that will restrict unwanted access to certain files.

how to create strong password


What is the differences between PIN and Password? And when we need password?

Same as passwords, the Personal Information Number (PIN) is a security feature to lock or secure the device, account or data from being accessible to others who are not responsible. The difference is that PIN is limited to numbers which is usually 0 until 9, while passwords can be a combination of numbers, letters (large and small) and punctuation.

PIN is easier to type, especially for touch screen. With fewer options, we can press a button larger than using a password because of the large number of options and small buttons. Most of the bank company, using PIN for their system to protect the account of the customers, for example PIN for ATM.

With the explanation above, we can know that PIN is easier to be hacked than password. Even PIN is more practice, but most of people still choose password for their own safety. Usually password is used for social media, because there is so many hackers and cybercrimes all around the world who wants to hacked some of the social media (especially famous people). Password also used for the important data of the company, so that not everyone can access that data.

Why is it dangerous to share our passwords to our boyfriend/girlfriend?

First of all, it is violating the privacy. Many couples agree to know each other's passwords and let their partner to read their private chat or email. They assume that the action is a form that they do not hide anything from their partner. So, trust will always be there. By telling your password to your boyfriend/girlfriend, you have already violated your privacy right. Privacy is a form of strong belief that the individual has no right to know all aspects of another individual’s life. When this principle is violated, it means that the individual's personal autonomy over his personal life is also violated.

The second is, it will harm others. You also violating the privacy rights of the people who relate or communicate with you. For example, when your best-friend talks about her family to you through chatting applications, your best friend must assume that the conversation is only known to herself and you. Surely, he/she does not expect anyone else to know about this conversation.

Last but not least, there will be fights between you and your partner because of jealously. If your partner often sees you chatting with your friend which is opposite sex with you, your partner will get jealous instantly. Especially if your partner read your chat history between you and your friend. Some of the cases is your partner can be easily jealous even you just chatting to your friend about the homework or task that given by the lecturer. This can also be a “boomerang” for your relationship because as a result, the argument between you and your partner can’t be avoided.

How to create a strong password?

The digital age makes billions of devices connected to each other, the threat of information security becomes a challenge of itself. Password also has become an important part for online players, because all accounts rely on passwords. Therefore, it is important to know how to create strong and good passwords that easy to remember. Create a strong and a good password is very important to avoid hacker attacks and things that are not desirable.

Create a long password

The longer words of passwords, the stronger it will be. Because a long password will take more time for hacker to solved it. Some of the website require us to create passwords more than 6 words or even more than 8 words, this is such a good regulation to prevent the hackers. Don’t forget to avoid the passwords which is familiar to others. One of the most popular attacks stealing passwords is Brute-force attack or we can call it brutal attack. This means the attacker will experiment start with a list of the most common passwords or use all possible password combinations.

Create a convenience password but hard to guess by others

We can use special events in our life to create passwords. For example : "On Dec 30, 2016, I went to Bali with my boyfriend". Try to remember your special events, it easier to remember because it was the special moments. This will be hard to guess by others or even hard to guess by machine. With the current computer technology, it will take long time to crack a password like this. Don’t forget to still using both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols used.

Don’t create a hard convenience password but easy to guess by others

Sometimes we make passwords that are hard to remember, but very easy to guess. An example would be to change the vowel a to 4, i to 1, or o to 0. For example, the “password” becomes "P4ssw0rd".

Manage hundreds of passwords with passwords manager

It is important to use different passwords for every important account that you have, such as email and online banking. Re-using passwords is very risky. If someone knows your password for an account, that person is likely to be able to access your email, address, even your money. However, it is not easy to remember dozens of different strong passwords. For that, you need a password manager like LastPass or 1Password to manage dozens or even hundreds of passwords of your accounts.

By using a password manager, you can also generate random passwords like 9agcZEM7HqLcXX2 which are rather difficult to guess and remember. However, you do not need to remember the password if you use a password manager. Because, you can log in automatically using your favorite browser. Make your life a lot better, and safer at the same time. Although there is also a bad possibility, if hacker hacked the application.

Keep the password as safe as possible

Do not leave a note with multiple site passwords on your computer or desk. People who pass across your computer or desk will be able to get this information easily and can infiltrate your account. If you finish it in a file on your computer, create a unique name for the file so that others do not know what it is about. Avoid to named it that make others curious, such as "my password".

Create an extra safety

Once you've created your password, you can add an extra layer of security by enabling 2-Step Verification. 2-Step Verification requires that you have access to your phone, as well as your username and password, when logged into the service account. This means that if someone steals or guesses your password, they will not be able to sign into the account because they do not have your phone. Now you can protect yourself with something you know (password) and something you have (phone).


From the explanation above we can conclude that password is a secret code and a key to access or open a locked system. Fernando Corbato had developed the first computer password system. Password and PIN are different, which is PIN limited to numbers 0 until 9 and password consist of both numbers and words. Everything we do online is using passwords that’s why creating good and strong passwords is very important to prevent the hackers because some of the data is sensitive.

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