Attract Youtube Viewers

Contributor : Muhammad Fajar Iskandar

How to Attract Youtube Viewers for Beginners

What is Youtube? Youtube is the biggest video channel in the world today. On YouTube there are many videos ranging from entertainment videos to tutorials. Of course this is very interesting because it attracts the youtube audience so that watching our videos is not easy because there are so many well-known youtube channels and new YouTube or YouTube channels that are difficult to get an audience. Then how do we make our videos watched?

Get to Know Your Audience

Before you decide to make a video on YouTube, identify yourself first and the purpose of making the video for whom. If you are targeting teenagers, then make a video that teenagers want to watch as well if you are targeting adult viewing, then make videos that adults want to watch. It would be better if you study psychology so it can support you to make videos that are relevant to your target audience.

Selection of Content

There is a lot of content that you can present from entertaining to informative. Not only are there videos that are indecent and inappropriate for many viewers, but do you want to become famous in a way that is not good? in making youtube videos of course there must be content presented. Whether it's everyday life, tutorials, traveling, but is it enough just to use the usual content? Of course in making the video, it must be included with editing and neat finishing so that the audience feels at home for a long time on your channel. For the contents of the video depending on yourself as a creator, but I suggest that you follow the trend of youtube and for beginners it would be better to try reaction video.

Time to Upload Videos

The time in uploading your video determines how much video you will watch. How do I know what time people will watch and click on my video? Pay attention to where breaks and hours go home from work then upload your video. Why during breaks and hours of work? Generally people will open social networks and youtube.

Create an Interesting Thumbnail and Clickbait

This is an open secret that the attractive thumbnails and clickbait will entice people to click on your video. Thumbnail and Clickbait is a package, if the packaging is bad, where might people click on your video.

Take advantage of Your Social Network

After you finish making the video and uploading it on YouTube, don't forget to share your videos on your social media both Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so that your close friends can see and know your videos. And if your video is interesting, your friend will definitely spread your video to his friend again. This will be a word of mouth promotion.

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