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Contributor : Fajar Kurniawan

Who doesn’t know youtube today? One of the biggest web / application in the world allows users to uploed, watch and shares wideos. For uploeder videos on the web this called Youtuber. Become a youtuber if it is made as one of the side livelihoods that will generate a decent income. Because a lot of people have gone through it and made huge income, for example, Mark Fishbach, Evan Fong, Felix Kjellberg, Atta Halilintar and many more. Youtuber earnings are obtained from other youtube users who watch the videos. So the number of viewers will affect the money to be earned.

For those of you who have just created a youtube channel or want your youtube channel to be a lot of viewers. Then you have to do a good promotion. What are the tips / ways to do it? Let’s discuss it!

1. Make a channel that contains interesting content

Upload videos that have one content, such as videos about games, then try first to stay afloat videos about games. That way the audience will more easily understand the contents of your youtube channel.

2. Expand share to social media / group

Frequently share your web / youtube video address to social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others so that your friends on social media know that you have a youtube channel. If your friends on your social media already know a lot, surely it will be increase thechances of increasing the audience.

3. Join the Youtuber community / group

Usually the community / group containing youtuber will help each other between members by subsidizing, likes, comments and even sharing your web address / youtube video. Try to get into a large youtuber community, you can easily find it on facebook for example.

4. Advertise your youtube channels

Use advertising to reach more people or audience. Ad coverage is definietly greater than the reach of shares to your social media. So it’s also important to advertise to attract new audience. Lots of social media that offer advertising a fairly cheap price such as facebook, Instagram, Twitter and if you want little more expensive you can advertise on youtube itself.

So that my tips to promote your youtube channel i hope you helped by this article.
Thankyou very much to read this article

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