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Semistructured Documents

Contributor : Mustika Elsa Nur Adhi


Electronic mai is one of the means to send and receive letters or messages in digital format through computer and internet network lines. Email (or e-mail) is defined as the transmission of messages over communications networks. Some electronic mail systems are confined to a single computer system or network, but others have gateways to other computer systems, enabling users to send electronic mail anywhere in the world. Can be made and sent to other email addresses using computers / laptops and other gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets connected to the internet. Sending messages via email only takes a few seconds and is one of the most efficient, fast, and cheap ways.

Function of E-Mail

  • Send and receive messages
    The most common use of e-mail is to send and receive e-mails from other people wherever they are. The message can be sent to the destination in a very fast time, even in seconds. However, the speed is affected by internet speed, both the sender and the recipient of the email.
  • Send and receive files
    Email can send various types of files and digital documents of a certain size. photos, videos, texts, etc.
  • Personal identity
    e-mail functions as an identity on the internet where other people can contact e-mail users through their e-mail address.
  • Register social media accounts and more
    Website services require email users to be able to do activities on the website and require users to register emails. Various website services require verification from users, and can only be done if the user has a valid email address.
  • Marketing media
    Online marketing is mostly done by utilizing email to increase sales. email marketing is a very effective type of online marketing.
  • Activate smartphone
    Cellphones or smartphones especially Android or iOS can only be activated by entering an email address first and the email address will usually be synchronized in the application contained in the smartphone.


    1. the e-mail owner must open the e-mail first and then write the contents of the message to be sent

    2. After that, the e-mail user gives an instruction to the e-mail application to send a message to the e-mail address to send the message.

    3. Furthermore, the e-mail server will identify the destination e-mail address, then send the message to another e-mail server located near the destination address. An e-mail is sometimes sent via several e-mail servers, depending on the route it will take.

    4. When an e-mail message is sent to the recipient's e-mail address, the contents of the message are stored in the e-mail server until the recipient opens the message.

    5. When the recipient opens the message in the inbox / post box, the recipient's e-mail application will ask for a new e-mail in the e-mail server and download it to the e-mail recipient's computer.

    6. Then, the e-mail recipient can see and read the contents of the downloaded message.
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