Principle Work of Youtube

Contributor : Linda Kusumaningsih

The Principle Work of Youtube

In Indonesia, the number of users or viewers of videos on Youtube continues to increase every time. Nowadays, many of them are also starting to switch professions to become a Youtuber as their main job or just freelancing. How can it happen? What indicators that make it happen?

Youtube and How It Works

Youtube is one of Google’s subsidiary and the biggest media platform of video sharing sites to upload and watch billion of videos in the world. You can like, comment, subscribe to the channel, sharing, and download the videos to watch offline. If you want to search a certain kind or genre of videos you want to watch, you can do it by just type the keywords or search the tags in the search column. And then, Youtube algorithm, which is “Search and Discovery Systems”, will not only determine the results that you will see when you search the site, but also determine which one you will see in other parts of the site, such as: in search results, suggested video streams, on the homepage, non-profit flows, under the viewer subscription, and through the notifications they have prepared. This is one of the advantages of the Youtube site that can make it easier for us to apply/use this site. The purpose of the YouTube search and discovery system is to help viewers determine the videos we want to watch and maximize long-term viewer involvement and satisfaction. What we need to watch on Youtube are only gadgets and internet connections that can be easily obtained, especially in millennials era such as nowadays.

Youtube Benefits for Youtuber

As Youtuber, Youtube also gives us a lot of benefits. Besides the videos that we upload can be seen by many people, we can also become famous and get money or 'salary' from Youtube with AdSense, especially for channels that have received millions of subscribers or millions of viewers in some of the videos they upload. AdSense is a collaborative advertising program through Internet media hosted by Google. Through the AdSense advertising program, the owner of a website or blog that has registered and is approved for membership is allowed to install an ad unit whose form and material have been determined by Google on their web pages. The owner of the website or blog will get revenue in the form of sharing profits from Google for each ad that is clicked on by site visitors, known as the pay per click (PPC) or pay per click system.

These are the things that make today's millennial people easy to make and know famous or viral videos or events in Indonesia even throughout the world apart from other social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. That is what causes a lot of mobile/smartphone users prefer to watch via Youtube. Even, there are television shows that adopt or take video clips uploaded on Youtube and then aired on their programs. We can also watch the news or live sports matches that have been missed by us via Youtube. So we do not need to wait for hours for TV programs to air in front of the television. How about that? Do you agree with that, millennials people?

Hope this article can increase more of your insight. Thank you.

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