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Portal are a website that acts as a gateway or main entry ("cyber door") on the Internet to a particular area or industry. Portal often defined as those site which users set as their homepage and also offers powerful web searching tools-efficiency and ease.
    A portal provides at least four key services:
  1. Search Engine
  2. Email
  3. Link to Related Site
  4. Personalized Content
The portal may use search engine application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow users to search intranet content as opposed to extranet content by restricting searchable domains . Apart from this general search engine functionality, the web portal may provide other services such as email, news, stock quotes, information from databases and even entertainment content.

Google and Bing are portal in search engine form. Portal such as yahoo, facebook, MSN, and AOL offer powerful web searching as well as an integrated package of content and service, such as news, E-mail, instant messaging, maps, calendar, shopping, music downloads, video streaming, and more.


portals may be classified as horizontal or vertical. Horizontal portals are used as a platform for multiple companies in the same economic sector, or manufacturers or distributors of the same type. For example, yahoo.com ; msn.com ; aol.com

Vertical portals or Vortal are specialized as entrances to specific markets or industry opportunities, areas, or interests such as human resources, health care, insurance, automobiles, or food manufacturing. Some vertical portals are known as "vertical information portals" (VIP). VIP provides news, editorial content, digital publications, and e-commerce capabilities. In contrast to traditional vertical portals, VIP also offers dynamic multimedia applications such as social networking, video posting, blogs. For example, kariyer.net ; snowboard.com ; yanibir.com


People usually confused between website and portal. Website are mainly focused on driving trafic while portals are for limiting the traffic as portal need users to login while website open to being visited by any individual. Therefore, portal making a distinction based on the application, create a specific user experience and make it attractive, control the user's function on the page, integrate multiple information sources and provide uniform information.

Location on internet, publicaly accessible with a unique URL(Web Address) A private location on the internet it can be accessible with unique url and unique username and password
No any requirment of any login Login required
Any one can visit and can see content of website Only memeber of the webportal having access can see the content of web portal
Content does not change by different individuals Dynamic content changes more frequently than typical websites

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