Make Money From Playing Video Game

Contributor : Saeful Hanafi

Many people think that playing the game is just a waste of time. Even though today the game has become one of the most calculated industries. This means playing games, in some cases, is no longer something that should be shunned or prohibited. Because now there are many types of games that not only spend time and internet quota, but also can provide income or making money.

The response of people about playing games is generally an activity that does not provide benefits at all. Playing games tends to be rated as negative activities because they often interfere and ignore other activities.

But the assessment will gradually change, the reason is that playing games is now not just a game, but can be directed into a more useful activity that is making money.

No kidding, millions or even tens of millions of rupiah can flow into the pocket of gamers or the familiar designation given to a game player. How to? Yaps, youtube is one of them.

Make money via Youtube Gaming

Youtube has indeed become a trend in society today, both from the youth to the elderly. Lots of content that can be searched through Youtube, starting from children's videos to even doing a tutorial. This then makes many people speculate that later Youtube will defeat television.
The success of Youtube is certainly a contribution from the creators' counter, one of which is also a gaming broker. Yaps, playing games on YouTube also produces financially. Now many people upload videos of themselves playing video games and getting enough money. Of course this is also due to the fact that there are also many people in the world who play the game and want to see how a pro gamers - people who play games - conquer a game easily.
Playing games is not enough to make money through YouTube, but you have to be an expert in the game so that it attracts people to see you play it. But it doesn't stop there, with many people acknowledging the greatness of you playing the game you can also open a jockey service which is certainly very profitable.

Indonesian YouTube gaming

Here are some of famous Indonesian YouTube gaming:

7. MA Gamerz

MA Gamerz is a gaming channel that seems to focus on mobile gaming, as seen from the first video is the Clash of Clans gameplay. MA Gamerz's real name is Kenneth Palilingan and many of the mobile games he has played from very popular to less well-known. MA Gamerz has a subscriber of around 1.7 million for now.

6. Afif Yulistian

This bespectacled man is able to penetrate the row of Youtuber Gaming Indonesia with the highest number of subscribers with more than 2.4 million subscribers. Initially this channel was great because it often played Minecraft, which as it is known that this game has a lot of fans. But Afif Yulistian is getting more famous after playing Mobile Legends when this moba game is at the peak of its hype. Now it's a trend of mobile games, then PUBG Mobile is playing.

5. Dylan Pros

The man who dubbed himself the sultan was famous for Mobile Legends and since then the number of subscribers has increased rapidly to now reaching 2.6 million subscribers. But actually, the Dyland Pros have long been a Youtuber gaming since 2015, he used to often play GTA Online and fps games.

4. Frost Diamond

This channel uploaded for the first time May 23, 2017 and consistently creates content about playing Minecraft from the beginning until now. Because of its uniqueness, this channel is able to dredge subsciber around 2.6 million and only thousands difference from Dylan Pros. I don't know more about this channel because I never played Minecraft

3. Erpan1140

This channel includes the old channel on Youtube because it has been around since 2014, currently Erpan1140 plays Minecraft quite often. Erpan 1140 has a subsidy of 2.7 million and is third in this list. His first video was uploaded on January 14, 2014 and played The Midnight Man game.

2. MiawAug

The channel name is MiawAug and the name is aslunta Reggy Prabowo. Maybe MIawAug is the only Indonesian gaming channel that is included in the top 7 which still plays triple A games on consoles and PCs. Yes Miawaug always plays Walk Through consistently, instead of showing off skin to reap views. MiawAug currently has 3.9 million subscribers.

1. JessNoLimit

Yes, yes, yes, this real man named Justin is the king of Youtuber gaming Indonesia, all gamers of the country must know him. Since Jess No Limit has been a global top in Mobile Legends and has made its YouTube subsriber channel rise rapidly like fast-flowing water. Until now Justin has consistently played Mobile Legends and is in line with PUBG Mobile.

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