Income from Youtube

Contributor : Esa Herlambang Firdaus

How to Get Income from Youtube

YouTube users often spend a lot of time in front of the monitor screen to watch unique and interesting videos uploaded by YouTube users from all over the world. This site is one of the most widely used social media in the world and is one of the most popular producers of money.

This is the most widely used social media in the world and is the most popular producer of money. Why am I saying this, certainly not aiming to relax your enthusiasm, but want you to remain realistic, so as not to be disappointed in the middle of the road, prepare yourself from the beginning to work harder to present creative, unique, watched and liked people all over the world. Here are ways to get income from YouTube:

Make Youtube Accounts

How to create a YouTube account, you are required to have a Google account. For those who do not have a google account can register to the Gmail address to create a google account.

Make Youtube Channel

After creating the next YouTube account we can create our own channel to become a YouTube partner. by starting to upload our videos and we must have original video content uploaded to our Channel on YouTube. This video content must be your own or a video whose material does not violate the copyrights of others, from video material (video clips, images, logos) to back-sound. Actually it's not too difficult to get the idea of video content, we can make unique videos by recording unique daily activities. For example fishing activities, video tutorials, recording while playing guitar, and others.

Connect YouTube Channel to AdSense

After creating a youtube channel we will associate and be approved AdSense to our youtube. In that feature we can find out our income in the form of YouTube analytics which will pay off if we have followed the steps of the payment transaction.

Attract Sponsorship

With the attractiveness of sponsorships in our videos, we will get huge income benefits like the advertisements in our videos.

Get to know the terms CPM and RPM

Definition of CPM

This cpm is a formula for us to know how much income from the video we make which every 1 $ x 1000, for example, every 1000 views get 10 thousand rupiah, multiplying further if our video is a lot of viewing.

Definition of RPM

RPM stands for Revenue per thousand impressions. In this case, YouTube takes a 45% discount on the advertising revenue generated through your YouTube channel from the total RPM. The formula is [Revenue = Income ized Monetized x 1000 video playback].

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