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Contributor : Sari Ayu Lestari

The Effect of Youtube Content on The Formation of One's Attitude

Youtube is a video-based social media that has been well known in recent years. Not only interested by teenagers who want to exist, this video-based social media is also in demand by many artists, politicians, and other layers of society. In the youtube application there is a collection of videos called vlog. Vlogs contained in youtube contain a variety of interesting content such as daily activities, traveling, tutorials, and so on.

In youtube we are free to access the vlog content that we want, vlogs in youtube are used as a means of expressing themselves to attract the attention of their audience. The more spectators, the more vlog owners will get royalties from youtube. The advantage of this social media is that the account owner from this question media will get royalties from the videos that have been uploaded and have many viewers. The more viewers, the more ads will be installed in the video and certainly will generate a large royalty.
Various ways were done to attract the attention of the audience, the vloggers made their videos more interesting by visiting various tourist attractions, eating in new restaurants, dressed in unique ways, living freely like western culture and talking in slang which was even rough. Of course, not all of this vlog content matches the audience. There is content specifically for small children, there is also content specifically for adults and so on. But the freedom to access vlogs that we cannot control someone, both children and adults who watch the vlog content.

Because youtube is a video-based social media this application certainly plays a role in influencing the formation of attitudes from the audience. People tend to imitate what they see and hear, especially if it is considered an interesting thing in the video. The influence can be positive and negative. Therefore, this time we will discuss the influence of youtube content on the formation of a person's attitude.

Bring out curiosity in everything

Vlogs contain a lot of content that makes every audience want to see it. If someone has seen a vlog that they find interesting, then it will trigger a person to see other vlog content. Find out everything through the vlog content.

Trigger The Desire to Become a Vlogger

Because of Youtube's advantages in providing royalty to its users, many viewers were interested in becoming vloggers. This triggers someone to do useful activities to find interesting vlog content.

Grow motivation in expressing yourself

The activities shown in the vlog like traveling, doing the activities they want can foster the motivation of the youtube audience to express themselves. Audiences will be motivated to do the things they like and do things that are beneficial to them.

Trigger The Attitude of Imitating Bad Things Sone by Vlogger

Every vlogger has different habits, both in lifestyle and in everyday language. There are some vloggers who have free lifestyles such as western culture and speak slang that is fairly rude. From this habit that affects the audience badly. Audience tends to imitate things that they think are new and have never been done.

Make the audience become dependent and lazy in their activities

This loyal audience of social media users will tend to continue watching the videos they want without seeing time. If someone already feels comfortable watching vlog content available, that person will be lazy to do other activities. They will only watch vlog content without thinking about other activities.

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