“E-Commerce Transaction Broker”

Contributor : Herdin Dwiyantoro

What is a E-Commerce Transaction Broker ?

The basic definition of a transaction broker is that third parties provide software, sites and other devices that allow traders to make transactions online via computers, laptops, and various other gadgets. Therefore, traders can access the forex market simply by installing certain programs or through browsers. Transactions can be done anywhere, anytime. A site that processes transactions for consumers is usually handled privately, by telephone or letter. The biggest industries that use this model are financial services and travel services. This online transaction broker is the main value proposition in saving money and time, and providing outstanding financial product and tour packages.

Example of E-Commerce Transaction Broker ?

E-commerce Transaction Broker is synonymous with buying and selling transactions in cyberspace with third parties. Some simple examples of e-commerce activities that we often encounter are online shopping, e-payment / electronic payment, i-banking / internet banking, e-auction (electronic auction sites like ebay.com, and rajalelang.com), e- shop / e-mall, and online service (online ticketing, online travel agent, online course).

Why e-Commerce Transaction Broker Are Important ?

With the increasing popularity of the internet and technological advancements, it is much faster and easier to buy and sell products than before. Now, many people use laptops, tablets, and even cellphones to do various things besides just sending email. Like buying and selling products through the internet. An accessible internet makes e-commerce websites or online stores an effective way to connect with a broad audience. One of them is through e-commerce brokers. With e-commerce brokers will provide benefits in conducting online transactions. That is :

1. Accessibility: 24 Hour Marketplace

E-commerce Brokers (e-commerce websites, social media or Online Application Platforms) that can be accessed 24/7 will give you the opportunity to reach customers worldwide. Consumers will enjoy the convenience at any time to be able to buy what they want and when they want it. You will not lose sales figures with online stores that are open 24/7, compared to regular store opening hours. Investment in the form of buildings is useful as a location (physical store). Likewise with a good domain name that is paired with online marketing.

2. Effective and Easy to Manage Marketing Costs

By using E-commerce Brokers (e-commerce websites, social media or Online Application Platforms) provide more benefits while saving money. When compared to building a shop building, a signboard, and all the expensive ways to make your business recognizable. An online store allows you to enjoy increased riskless profitability. Online business owners do not need to consider the high costs of shop rental, security measures, utility bills, and a large staff team. In the end, it allows you to sell products at competitive prices.

3. Customer Comfort

Lately, more and more customers who appreciate the convenience of online shopping. Compared to spending time in physical stores, people choose to buy through the internet. This can be done at any time both during work breaks and before and after the activity. The presence of websites and online stores makes it easy for everyone, including parents and people with disabilities, to shop without difficulty. Smart businesses are aware of this and choose to have their own website that holds their products and services. The aim is so that prospective customers can browse online for the products they want to buy. Because, potential buyers are more likely to make purchases when they can do it instantly, rather than waiting for the regular store to open.

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