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Contributor : Ilham Hilmi

Content Provider is a business company as a service provider such as download ringtones, support polls, prizes quizzes, etc. For mobile phone users, because of the high current age of cellphone use in daily life to send and receive short messages or text messages later appear various types of SMS-based services. With increasingly advanced technology. People do not only use SMS to send short messages, but they also ask for other services provided by the Content Provider.

There are various types of services such as movie theater information, weather, the condition of traffic, services for friendship ( for example: Facebook, Instagram, Waze, Tix-ID, etc.) to complex services such as transactions in banking or commonly called SMS Banking.

The business is also often referred to as the Premium SMS business. Because in terms of tariffs charged SMS Premium is more expensive than ordinary SMS rates because there are several factors that cause more expensive services provided such as various types such as being able to send sounds, images, even videos.

Content Provider (CP), or by another name is SMS Premium has its own unique characteristics, this can be seen in terms of the identity of the numbering service that is to have a short number consisting of a unique 4 digit number or commonly called the “Abbreviated Dialling Number (ADN). ADN is a facilitation of telephone services to make a password on a telephone number so that it is a short and easy to remember number.

If the identity numbering on a SIM CARD usually consists of 11-12 digit numbers, then Content Provider services themselves consist of a unique 4 digit number.

Just as a person cannot live independently, this Content Provider service business is also the case, there are several parties involved in the Premium Content Provider / SMS service business.
    Among them :
  • Cellular operator
  • Customer of Cellular Operator
  • service Provider
    The Content Provider service business process can be described as follows:
  1. he customer will send a message to a special number, known as ADN. The message is then received by the Cellular Operator SMS Center.
  2. Then by the Cellular Operator the SMS will be forwarded to the Content Provider. Actually the operators themselves can act as Content Providers, but usually it will involve or require partner companies.
  3. The message will be processed by the Content Provicer and the processed product will be returned to the Cellular Operator.
  4. The Cellular Operator will then forward the process results from the Content Provider to an SMS or reply message for the customer.

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