WHAT IS Non Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA)??

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Technology it’s really closed with us. We spend at least three hours or more of our time to touch technology. Then no wonder if the crime easy occured at this time. Why the crime is really easy happened right now? In these digital era, technology provide us many capabilities that make us more easy to collect the personal information. Everytime we have contact with technology, information about us is being made available. From our location, criminal record, web surfing habits are constantly being monitored. It could be the disadvantage of technology era, we don’t have our privacy because we are being watched by technology too. But, beside of the bad thing is always a good thing there. Technology can help us to track the crime that maybe invisible and unexpected.

As we know, The city of Las Vegas become the most popular destination place for tourists and gamblers. They’re coming not only for holiday but also do gambling in the most gambling town in the world. The legitimate gambler can get million dollar from casinos. And from that fact, we know that the cycle of money in that place is really fast, and if the cycle of the money is really fast, it means the opportunity to do crime like steal money or maybe more could be happend in there.

To prevent this condition, the government in Nevada use Non Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) to help them against the crime. NORA was first made by Jeff Jonas to identify credit fraud in 1983, and after that it become popular in early 90’s to protect casinos from unknowingly do business with criminal.


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So, what is NORA? NORA is software that help firm or organization to use data to find out the relationship of something that maybe no one would think that relationship exist. Basically, NORA help you to discover relationship between data types and data locations that disparate. NORA are software of data mining that using real-time analysis of data and distributed data mining to uncover ‘non-obvious’ relationships.

How does NORA work?

How does NORA work?  here is the step:

  1. Accepts data feeds from numerous enterprise information system

  2. Built a model of identities and relationship between identities in real time

  3. If a new identity matched or related to another identity in a manner that warranted human scrutiny the system would immediately generate an intellegence allert.



  • Name Standardisation : Change their nickname into their root name (Such as, Ton, Thony to Anthony)

  • Addres Hygiene : Correct typos and abbreviations (JKT to Jakarta)

  • Date Quality : Formatting standards applied and value validation;

  • Data Enhancement: Adding additional data to what is already available; and

  • Entity resolution: Determining whether or not two or more apparently identical individuals are indeed one and the same.

Information used in NORA

  • Transcation data from sales accros the nation

  • Personal data

  • Work histories

  • Human resources issue (firing, etc.)

  • Criminal records

  • Incident Records (visit hospital, etc.)

What are the requirement of NORA?

  • Sequences Neutrality

  • Relationship Aware

  • Perpetual Analysis

  • Context Accumulation

  • Extensible

  • Knowledge-Based Name Evaluations

  • Real-Time

  • Scalable

Relationship of Using NORA

When we use NORA we will find many kind of relationship, there are:

  • Money owned to someone

  • Correlations of name in work history

  • Criminal correlations

  • Is there any match in address (same state, school) etc.

Limitation of NORA

Every creation of humans must have a shortage, or maybe limits that we must know so when we use this software we know how to use it well. The limits are,

  • Can’t recognize type of activites that happen either it legal or not

  • Can’t give you result all the time that you want because it depend on data resources

Place that used NORA

After 1983, NORA become more popular and develop than before so many places use this software, there are:

  • Retail Organization

  • Criminal Investigation Organization (FBI, CIA, etc)

  • Main sources is in casinos, especially in Las Vegas.


Based on that, we know that NORA give many impact in good side for us, there are produce intellegence allert in real-time, make a relationship using information to built models identities to find out the relationship between them that mostly we don’t think about, system will find out the relationship between visitors and dealer go the table in casino, keep the information as secret so not everyone know about it. Beside of the good side of NORA, there are till many cons about this software. Christian Leaders worry that this program will irritate the privacy of people because everyone will feel that there are being watched, corruption of the data can easily happend, can’t give accurate results, still allows for personal data accessible by everyone.

Non Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) is pioneer of software with unlimited potential. This software help you against the crime, eventhough there’s still many limit and cons that we must concern so we can use this product in good way without harm others.

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