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What is a Hacker?

Hackers in Indonesian are called “peretas” are people who study, analyze, and then if want, can create, modify, or even exploit the system contained in a device such as computer software and computer hardware such as computer programs, administration and things others, especially security.

Hackers have a negative connotation because people misunderstand the difference in terms about hackers and crackers. Many people understand that hackers are causing the loss of certain parties such as changing the look of a website (defacing), insert the virus codes and so on. In fact, they are crackers. Crackers are uses security gaps that have not been fixed by software makers (bugs) to infiltrate and destroy a system. For this reason hackers are usually understood to be divided into 2 groups of White Hat Hackers, the actual hackers and crackers are often called the term Black Hat Hackers.

White Hat Hackers is an information technology term in English that refers to hackers who ethically point out a flaw in a computer system. White hat in general focuses its action on how to protect a system, which contradicts the black hat that focuses its action on how to break through the system.

Black Hat Hacker is an information technology term in English which refers to hacker that is those who break through the security of computer system without permission, generally with intent to access computers connected to network. The term cracker was filed by Richard Stallman to refer to the hacker in this sense.


Hacker Levels

Hackers also have levels, each level is distinguished from the skills and knowledge of the hacker:

  1. Elite
    Characteristics: Understanding the outside operating system, able to configure & connect the network globally, perform programming every day, efficient & skilled, using the knowledge properly, do not destroy the data, and always follow the rules. Elite level is often referred to as 'temperature'. clip_image001

    Elite hacker is the name utilized by the community with the aim of identifying those individuals who are deemed to be as experts in their line of work. These people are actually on the “cutting edge” of both the computer and network industry.

    The “elites” are known to be the part of the 2.5 percentile of the beginning of the whole technology adaptation lifecycle curve. Elites are generally recognized as the “innovators” or those who took part in the primal years of hacking.

  2. Semi Elite
    Characteristics: younger than the elite, have extensive knowledge & skills about computers, understand the operating system (including the hole), the program's ability is enough to change the exploit program.

  3. Developed Kiddie
    Characteristics: young age & still in school, they read about hacking methods & how on various occasions, tried various systems until finally succeeded & proclaimed victory to other, generally still using Graph User Interface (GUI) & just learning basic from UNIX without being able to find a new weakness hole in the operating system.

  4. Script Kiddie
    Features: such as developed kiddie and also like Lamers, they only have very minimal technical knowledge of networking, can not be separated from the GUI, hacking done using trojan to scare & distress the life of some Internet users.

  5. Lammer
    Characteristics: no experience & knowledge but want to be a hacker so lamers are often referred to as 'wanna-be' hackers, the use of their computers primarily to play games, IRC, exchange software prirate, steal credit cards, hacking by using software trojan , nuke & DoS, like boasting through IRC channel, and so on. Due to its many shortcomings to reach the elite, in its development they will only be up to the level of developed kiddie or script kiddie only.

Type of Hacking Activity

  1. Social Hacking, to know: what system information is used by the server, who is the server owner, who admin administers the server, what type of connection is used and how the server is connected to the internet, uses who connections then what information is provided by the server , whether the server is also connected to the LAN in an organization and other information Hacking activities

  2. Technical Hacking is a technical action to infiltrate the system, either with tools or by using the system itself that is used to attack weaknesses (security holes) contained in the system or service. The core of this activity is to gain full access to the system in any way and any way.


Basic Hacking Capabilities

  1. Learn the Programming Language
    Mastering just one programming language alone will not reach the level of hacker ability or even a programmer, need to learn how to program in general, not depend on any one language. You need to reach a stage where you can learn a new language in a few days, by connecting what's in the manual with what you already know. Need to learn several languages ​​that are very different from one another. The most important languages ​​in hacking are Pyton, C, Perl, and LISP but it's best to learn them all because each represents a different approach to programming and each language will provide valuable lessons.

  2. Master the Operating System
    Of course a hacker must master the operating system for example windows, linux etc. Because the core of the computer is the operating system.

  3. Learn the World Wide Web
    It means more than just using a browser, but learning how to write HTML, the Web markup language.

  4. Learn Computer Network
    Computer network that connects us with others on the internet, so need to learn Computer network. The more of the above things you have done, the more likely you are a talented hacker candidate, because the science of your computer will be more honed.

Main Hacker Rules

Hackers also have rules that must be followed if you want to be called as a hacker. An overview of the rules of the game that a hacker needs to follow:

  1. Notify the system administrator of security breaches / loopholes in the security you see.

  2. Do not take unfair advantage of hack.

  3. Not distributing & collecting pirated software.

  4. Never take a stupid risk - always know your own ability.

  5. Always willing to openly / freely / freely inform and teach various information & methods obtained.

  6. Never hacked a system to steal money.

  7. Never give access to someone who will make the damage.

  8. Never accidentally delete & corrupt files on a hacked computer.

  9. Respect the hacked machine, and treat him like his own machine.

  10. True hackers will always act on the code of ethics and the rules of the game is

Hacker Code of Conduct

  1. Able to access unlimited computers and totality.

  2. All information must be FREE.

  3. Not using fake identities, such as silly pseudonyms, age, position, etc.

  4. Able to create beauty art in computer.

  5. Computers can change life for the better.

  6. The work is done solely for the truth of information that must be spread widely

  7. Holding commitments does not defend the economic dominance of certain software industries.

  8. Hacking is the majority weapon in the war against the violation of computer technology boundaries.

  9. Neither Hacking nor Phreaking is the only other way to spread information to the masses so as not to stutter in computer.

The Benefits of Being A Hacker


Being a hacker is a dream for some people. For being a hacker has several advantages, such as the following:

  1. Can help many people. An example is to stop a cracker from destroying the system so that it can harm people.

  2. Have a wide and deep knowledge of the computer world. If you become a hacker, certainly a lot of knowledge gained when learning to become a hacker.

  3. Assisting the person or institution in maintaining and maintaining the system and earning from its work. Like today, in Indonesia has held a National Computer-Based Exam (UNBK), then the relevant agencies that conduct the online exam will work together or hire hackers to maintain the security of the system from any form of threat cracker.

Losses Being a Hacker


Being a hacker also has the following disadvantages:

  1. Because too focused on studying the computer world, sometimes a hacker rarely socialize with the outside world in the vicinity so it is seen as a bookworm and not cool at all. However, a hacker is sometimes also active in social media or forums with his fellow hackers to exchange opinions and share tips.

  2. It can not be freely to publicize his identity to the general public because to keep his secrets that he is a hacker. It would be dangerous if anyone knows he is a hacker because his life could be threatened.

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