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Rhaditza Ramadhan


Electronic passport that has been integrated with digital informsi system but its function is the same as the conventional passport, which distinguishes is the use of chips mounted on the front of the passport.

This chip contains biomtrik data of the owner of the passport such as face and fingerprint as well as other supporting data. This makes e-passport much more secure when compared to conventional passports because it is very difficult to forge or misused by others.


As we know that one of the conditions for entering another country is to use a passport. The passport is basically the same as the KTP as an identifier. What distinguishes it is the area of use, ID cards are used in the country while passports are used as a foreign identification mark.

Passport is an official document issued by the immigration department of a country that contains the identity of the owner of the passport such as name, place and date of birth, sex, photo, signature, nationality, etc.

Just like ID cards, passports are also often forged. To minimize this then many countries in the world that apply electronic passport or e-passport. In Indonesia alone e-passport began to be used since 2011.

The things that differentiate e-passport with conventional passports are in terms of price. Because equipped with chip technology of course e-passport is more expensive than conventional aspor. The cost is set for making e-passpot with 48 pages around Rp.655.000, doubled when compared with the cost of penbuatan conventional passport with the same number of pages that is about Rp.355.000. This is the fare in February 2015.

There are important things you should know about applying for e-passports. One of them is about the obstacles that are still encountered about online registration and so forth. Here's the review:

1. Walk in methode

Given the many complaints regarding the registration of e-passport / passport through the online registration form. You should come directly to the designated immigration office for the manufacture of e-passports. (Update: making e-passport can only be done by coming directly to the immigration office and registration via online is closed).

2. Office Serving the Making of E-Passport

In the meantime e-passport production can only be done in DKI Jakarta, Batam and Surabaya. For those of you who live outside the area, you should visit one of the offices mentioned. Please keep in mind, this rule applies only to the manufacture of e-passports and does not apply to the manufacture of conventional passports as you can directly obtain them at their respective regional immigration offices.

3. Select E-Passport or Conventional Passport

To facilitate e-passport, you should wait for your conventional passport has expired. If it has not been exhausted, it will be difficult to manage the e-passport at the immigration office. If you want to create a new passport, determine which priority you should be. Do not until you are in the process of making a conventional passport and take care of e-passport at the same time. Choose only one because both have the same function.

Requirements for Making E-Passport

1. KTP and Family Card

2. Birth Certificate or Diploma

3. Letter of recommendation

4. Student card

5. New Passport Statement Sheet

For points 1 through 4 i think that's pretty obvious. For point 5 the recommendation letter is required if you are not a resident of the above mentioned e-passport city (DKI Jakarta, Batam and Surabaya). Suppose you are currently working in Kudus with a Kalimantan ID card, then you should request a letter of recommendation from the company in which you work.

The recommendation letter should be affixed with the signature of the boss and the stamp of the company. At point 6 the student card is required if you are a student. For 7 points you can get a New Passport Statement Sheet in your local immigration office cooperative by paying Rp7,500.

Complete all the above documents (as per applicant's criteria) along with their photocopies. What is important to know, all the above documents must be photocopied on A4 paper. In addition officers will not accept the documents you photocopy it. For example, if you are a student, you must complete 5 original documents (KTP, KK, Birth Certificate, Diploma and Student Card) along with a photocopy.

Remember, since the above mentioned immigration office may be located very far from your residence, it should be thoroughly and thoroughly documented before leaving for the immigration office or you will go back and forth to the house to complete the lack of completeness.

E-Passport Making Procedures

1. Come Early

Try to come early because the immigration office is usually very visited by people on weekdays. If it is necessary to get service your first number can come at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning.

2. Bring Your Own Stationery

Even in the immigration office has been provided stationery, you should take care to bring your own stationery.

3. Receiving Referrals from the Officer

After the gate is opened then the officer will give directions to each registrant. Officers will sort the line and provide guidance on documents or completeness to be taken whether it is complete or not. After that the officer will distribute the queue number. After that please you go to the waiting room to wait for the call in line with the queue number and the officer will check once again about the completeness of the document

4. Interview and Photo Capture

At this stage you do not have to worry about interview material. Just answer honestly what will be asked by the officer. Do not let you answer with hesitation or your e-passport application may be rejected. After that is the stage of taking photos to be installed in e-passport.

5. Paying to Bank BNI

After all the process is completed, the officer will give the form of payment to BNI bank. Save proof of payment from bank for retrieval of e-passport. Do not get lost.

6. E-Passport Taking

Making e-passport more or less takes 4 working days after payment in bank. To retrieve a completed e-passport, please provide proof of payment to the officer and just waiting for the call from the officer. E-passport already made.

7. Cost of Manufacture of E-Passport

The cost of making e-passport is Rp 655.000, -. E-passport has a validity period of up to 5 years with a total of 48 pages. Immediately take care of your e-passport for the smoothness and key of your trip abroad.


Passport Registration via WhatsApp

The Directorate of Immigration, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) provides solutions to long lines of passport arrangements. Now, you can sign up via the Whats App to apply for your passport manually or online and get the exact arrival queue number for handling at the immigration office.

Here are the steps:

1. Send message to WhatsApp immigration number (region according to domicile). For example Bogor Immigration, WA number is 08-1111-00333

2. Type self-data with format # NAME # LATTER # Date of arrival. For example, # Nanda # 25011987 # 07082017

3. Wait for the next reply in the form of a barcode containing the booking code You will also get the queue number and schedule to the immigration office according to your booking code

4. Show the bookings code when it comes to the Immigration office. Applicants must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled schedule. If you arrive late, booking code will be forfeited and must be re-registered again.

5. Make sure your document requirements are complete. If it is incomplete or less then the submission of the passport will be refunded or rejected.

6. You are required to bring the original document and make sure all the data on the document is identical and the same.

7. Registration via Whats App does not apply to the handling of damaged or lost passports.

Passport Registration via Application

Now, the application for submission of passport can be done through the application on the phone. This new breakthrough was initiated by the Directorate General of Immigration at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) because many people complained about the length of the queue in making passports. Here's how to register a passport via the App.

1. Download the "Passport Queue" App on PlayStore. So far, new android-based smart phones that can download this application.

2. Open the "Passport Queue" App. There will be 3 entry options, terms and guidelines and how to use.

3. "Sign In" menu. If you do not already have an account, create it first by clicking "sign up now".

4. Fill Your Self Data Properly. To get an account, you will be asked to fill in some required data.

5. Login in Applications. Once you have an account, login by entering the username and password that was created.

6. Select the Immigration Office. After logging in, you will be faced with a list of immigration offices, choose the destination immigration office. If no, click the search button in the top right to search the immigration office

7. See Service Availability Date. After selecting the immigration office, the system will display the schedule available for the passport-making service.

8. Fill Registration Form. After that, fill out the registration form if you want to register. Fill in accordance with ID or Family Card.

9. Click Continue. When you're done and ready to sign up, choose "go" to complete the steps. Then you will get a queue number at the immigration office,

10. Receive Confirmation Email. Once done, the system will send a notification to your email. Its contents are the schedule of making passport and queue number.

11. 1 Username For 5 Times Application. That is, one username on this app, may only register 5 times. With the record of 4 other people are family members.

12. New Tested Try in South Jakarta Immigration Office. So far, the filing of passports via a new application is being tested at the South Jakarta immigration office. The immigration office then followed suit. It's a good idea to contact your immigration office to find out whether or not you have applied this facility.

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