What is Doxing??



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Doxing or doxxing is the practice of tracing someone to gather private information about a particular individual or organization using sources on the Internet and publish them online without their consent. It can also be defined to reveal the identity of an anonymous online poster against their will, typically with malicious intent as a means to harass or intimidate.

The techniques employed to acquire this information include searching publicly available databases on social media websites (such as Facebook), hacking, social engineering, and stalking someone online to acquire details like name, age, date of birth etc. and publishing said information across the Internet or to a third party. It closely related to hacktivism.

Doxing may be carried out for various reasons, including to aid law enforcement, business analysis, risk analytics, extortion, coercion, harassment, online shaming, and vigilante justice.


“Doxing” derived its name from dox, abbreviation of documents. It refers to “compiling and releasing a dossier of personal information on someone.” Essentially, doxing is revealing and publicizing records of an individual, which were previously private or difficult to obtain. Doxing often comes with a negative connotation, because it can be a vehicle for revenge.

Common techniques

A basic Web search can yield results. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Linkedin offer a wealth of private information, because many users have high levels of self-disclosure (i.e. sharing their photos, place of employment, phone number, email address), but low levels of security.

It is also possible to derive a person's name and home address from a cell-phone number, through such services as reverse phone lookup. In addition, a doxxer may use other methods to harvest information. These include information search by domain name and location searching based on an individual's IP address.

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