Social shopping in the millenial generation

social shopping

The development of technology never escaped from human life. It has become inherent thing in this era that will grow in accordance with the needs also technology. Globalization brings a huge impact in human life, including aspects of technology penetrated the world of the Indonesian economy, the changes bring impact on all matters relating to economic, trade as well as the delivery of information is increasingly clear and easy to reach even with positive impacts as well Negative impacts in the world of e-commerce. The more sophisticated world and provide opportunities in the business that the broader role of information management system is very visible impact of e-commerce.

One of the impact is also penetrated in social shopping, which is very attached and familiar among the community not only young people but also parents such as shoope, tokopedia, and many more results from technological developments in the world of social shopping. Social shopping also simplifies the fulfillment of daily needs of all human being.

Thiya Septriana

What the social shopping does mean?

Social shopping be one of familiar activity in this millenial era, social shopping can be interpreted as a method where buyers connect directly in the experience or shopping activities, using online transactions that do not take time to visit the store physically.

Millennial generation that famous on using technological practically supporting social shopping. The brilliant uses of social media that has become a common thing makes all humans depend on technology. Increasingly technological support adequate development. It has an increasingly practical social problem which facilitated access from various places. Place is not a problem because the goods traded can be accessed through technology. The development of the era dependence on technology provides enormous opportunities in the business world including social shopping.

Social Media

Social media that has been inherent in every individual life, at this time have a big impact in the activity and use of communication in everyday life. In the world of social shopping this also applies as consumers get a chance to explore what they feel and what they want through social media, it has become a public necessary for anyone who lived this millennial era.

Social trading sites that utilize social media like traveloka, tokopedia, shopee, and many more. They use social media as a tool they can empower their sales transactions, by providing information as clearly that will attract consumers by using advertising that disseminates and provides the best possible service.

With the social shopping can facilitate anyone in doing business opportunities, if the past business is only done by people who have much capital then, it isn’t case anymore this time, it makes big opportunity for those who are ready to compete and those who Willing to fight. With a very simple capital like a smartphone they are able to create their own social shopping account with a profit boost from there.

What the categories on Social Shopping?

Shopping group companies
Group is one of the way that can reseller or business doing to achieve the interest of customer. This is like an activity when reseller buys the goods in large numbers and is usually done on the mercy of a wholesale company like shopping at convection. This site helps the reseller to make large purchases simultaneously.

Social shopping with this category approach is done through the discussion and invite as many customers who would have the opportunity to spend with discussion activities and share both experience and information about the price of the quality of existing products and offers provided. There are even agents who even hire special people to do product offerings and attract many consumers to their site.

Supporting from engineer
In this case there is raises opportunity to the buyers in exchanging opinions among buyers. They advise each other on personal experience there in the period of study, with the recommendation of using this engineer to have a positive impact on companies in their product promotion. It also helps in the exchange of information provided on their online shop page, it also familiar in millennial circles who often exchange information through the online world.

Market share of social shopping
Transactions made by approaching consumers who use renewable technologies such as smartphones that facilitate transactions and communications in the sales of products that will be used, such as goods to be purchased and payment transactions. By setting a clear market share such as students or young people in the millennial generation this will have a great chance of having a potentially market share.

How the transaction process?

Buying and selling transactions via social media is the first order buyers through social media or online chat platform like LINE or WhatsApp. Then the buyers get the information even though price or information about the data. when the customer agrees with the deal she/ he can transfer the cash to the seller. The seller will check the proof of transfer of the buyer into his account and then deliver the goods ordered by the buyer.

The Seller should know the situation and how to appreciate with the customer. The way to treat consumers and how to analyze customers who just ask questions or really buy the product. Marketing via social media supporting on the result of buyer’s mind set.

What is the benefit of social shopping?

In terms of retailers

Online shopping websites can benefit from retailers by sharing product-forwarding information that will be forwarded by their targeted consumers in other words this will affect the expansion of the business.

In terms of consumers

The communication with consumers will affect the level of customer satisfaction, clear information also gives advantages for consumers themselves by maintaining customer satisfaction through the interaction of information and customers will also more satisfied with the service social shopping sites.

Why Social shopping has opportunity in this era?

Developing on technology comes from the globalization that happened in this era, rather than using physical, better the seller looking for the brilliant opportunity to achieve the business in term social shopping, the advantages that can seller get when they began join on social shopping: No need to wait for free time to go to the store. Very helpful for people who are busy with their business or daily activities. Various kinds of Online stores that are ready to serve us and also various items we need.

What obstacles will appear in social shopping?

When someone declares that they are going into the social shopping business they should prepare all the things that are likely to be challenging and hampering in their business. Although in this millennial era is very famous for the use of online communication but still the reseller to prepare themselves in various possibilities that will be faced.

The obstacles can be found such as the failure of delivery of goods, after they have been paid the goods come late this is influenced bad image of the company itself, the service is impressed sluggish also Will affect the performance of the business, the quality that is not suitable as offered by many consumers complain of cheating in online shopping then it should be the company or reseller that actually provide transparent information, also the delivery time that seemed long tailored to the respective area Buyers who also need additional cost again.

How millennial interest on social shopping?

What happens to the millennial generation is the use of social media that often appear in their accounts, this affects the level of purchase to many consumers transactions from advertising that appear in their accounts, so in other words the reseller is needed in doing marketing not only struggling in terms of Advertising also in terms of communication between friends, who will also increase their level of interest in social shopping, one of the positive impacts that technology generates if it is used in a positive way.


Social shopping becomes a trend that inherent in the life of the millennials in the current era, social shopping that facilitate the sale and purchase transactions by consumers without having to visit the store. Now consumers can afford to shop remotely without being able to waste time to go to the store but besides that there is also an inherent weakness that is reducing consumers shop in stores that resulted in many manufacturers who still use manual methods have decreased the number of consumers. The development of the latest technology increasingly simplifies and expand the e-commerce world with the opportunity to do business that can be done by anyone including you as a student. The use of good technology will have a good impact in life


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